Innovate 2021 Speaker Information

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MLC Speaker Information

If you are submitting this form for a speaker, please answer all questions with the speaker's information unless indicated otherwise.
  • As you would like it to appear in conference literature.
  • Please tell us where you currently serve.
  • Please tell us about yourself in 150 words or less.
  • Please upload a head and shoulder pose.
  • This is for our information only. We will not share this with others.
  • Innovate 2021

  • Innovate 2021 Workshops and Breakouts

    Along with the 5 General Session, Innovate 2021 offers 50+ workshops in 9 different tracks. If you would be interested in presenting in a workshop, please use the space below to let us know your topic(s) of interest or experience and in which track it best fits. Our tracks are as follows: Executive Leadership, Globally Engaged Churches, Global Strategies, Human Resources, Member Health, Mission Finance & Administration, Mobilization, Short Term Missions, and Training
  • By submitting this form you are verifying you have consulted with the speaker (or you are the speaker) who is in agreement with the answers.

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