How The Best Did It: Leadership Lessons from Our Top Presidents  

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How The Best Did It: Leadership Lessons from Our Top Presidents*

By: Talmadge Boston

Post Hill Press, 2024  

400 Pages

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How the Best Did It is an accessible, insightful exploration of key leadership traits of eight of America’s greatest presidents, as rated by eminent historians. Books that combine depth, clarity and readability are rare and this is one of them. The book takes pains to explore the relevance of these leadership traits to leaders in every sphere of work and is helpful in also detailing some of weaknesses of each of the individuals discussed. A five page summary cannot do justice to the book. 
Award winning historian Jon Meachum says of the book: “A discerning examination of what all of us can learn from some of our most effective leaders who have held—and wielded—ultimate power at the highest level.” 
Another historian writes, “…Talmage Boston demonstrates rare gifts in sifting gold nuggets from the endless gravel beds of known facts about eight leading presidents, then delivering them concisely and persuasively. In his insightful study of George Washington, he finds the core of America’s first great leader without exaggerating his talents and makes him someone from whom we can learn and cherish.” 

Talmage Boston (born October 1, 1953) is an American attorney, presidential and baseball historian, author and speaker. 

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