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Executive Leadership

For CEOs, COOs, executives and senior management who are providing vision and direction for strategy, leadership, development and organizational transformation.

The North American Mission Movement – Today and Tomorrow

Thursday @ 3:30pm

Founded in September 1917, Missio Nexus has reached its centennial! Members of the board will address the question: “At 100 years of Missio Nexus’ existence, what is your assessment of the North American mission movement both at present and going forward?” That question will be dealt with in three specific segments related to the “foundations” of evangelism, discipleship and planting the church (EDP) worldwide. Hear 13 different opinions from these mission leaders.


Missio Nexus Board Members

Panelists: Susan Perlman, Mauricio Alvarez, Cherry Fields, Ken Katayama, Gregg Bryce, Russ Hersman, Greg Parsons, Wes Taber, Warren Janzen, David Steverson, Scott Holbrook, Kirk Ogden, Karin Primuth

Leadership in Today’s VUCA World

Friday @ 8:30am

Leadership today takes place in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous or ‘VUCA’, a term credited to the US military. The challenges are enormous, but we have great teachers in our sisters and brothers from the Developing World who have often had more years of experience leading in these conditions than those of us working in the West. We will explore practical ways to balance planning with flexibility and the necessity of utilizing all our best resources in decision making, even if that requires engaging those who are unlike us in ethnicity or gender. And we’ll discuss why Servant Leadership is more critical than ever in today’s conditions and how we can grow those skills.

Jane Overstreet

President & CEO

DAI is a non-profit organization providing training and consulting in leadership and organizational management to more than 28,000 Christian leaders in 76 countries annually. Prior to joining DAI, Mrs. Overstreet served for many years as the Director of Legal Services for Youth With A Mission International while living in the Middle East and Europe. She serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations and was a professor at Eastern University. Mrs. Overstreet received a Bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa, College of Law. Mrs. Overstreet has been married for 35 years to Harold, who also works with DAI. They have three children and five grandchildren.

Data is a Leader’s Ally:  Key Research Analysis for the Modern Missions Movement

Friday @ 1:30pm

Utilizing analysis from four key projects that took place over 2016, I will seek to demonstrate the practical and necessary aspects of data analysis for mission leaders and how informed study can allow leaders to be more effective in their roles.  In addition, we will show how data can inform strategy development, leading toward effectively accomplishing organizational mission.  As a research analyist for Missio Nexus, this past year I conducted two major projects: one on mission CEOs and another on mission pastors.  I also managed the data analysis for the new edition of the North American Mission Handbook: U.S. and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas 2017-2019 and analyzed data on a study focused on Mission Motives. 

Michael VanHuis

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Missio Nexus

Michael has a B.A. from Hope College and a M.A. from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies. He served in Ghana and in varying leadership roles with Pioneers.  He has also served as the Missions Pastor for Northland Church, a SVP for OneWay Ministries/Prayercast and joined the Missio Nexus team in 2015 as VP for Strategic Initiatives.  He is married to Laura and has five children.

Learning from the Past: Women and Modern Missions

Friday @3:30pm

What has changed over the last 100 years and why? This workshop offers a helpful historical perspective on the contribution of North American women to global mission over the past century. Surprising stories of courageous and faithful women whose impact is still felt can inspire and guide today’s mission practice.

Leanne Dzubinski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Cook School of Intercultural Studies
Biola University

Leanne Dzubinski served overseas as a church planter, educator, and trainer for missionaries for 17 years with Greater Europe Mission. During that time she also studied mission-related issues such as acculturation and women’s contributions to missions. With a ThM from Dallas Seminary, a DMin from Gordon-Conwell and a PhD from Univ of Georgia in adult education and human resources, she now teaches in the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at Biola University. Leanne also chairs the Intercultural Studies Graduate Dept and is PhD Program Director for Intercultural Education.

Home Office Morale Busters: Is Your Office Toxic or Tonic?

Saturday @ 9:15am

I have personally visited over 90 mission offices across North America. In so doing, I couldn’t help but notice that they come in all sorts and sizes, ages and make-ups. Despite their differences, there is one trait common to all: the discernible awareness of staff morale, which tone is set by the CEO. Some mission staffs have a noticeably strong level of enthusiasm, whereas morale in others is flat and perfunctory, with little zeal for the work. What’s the difference? The variance between a healthy, wholesome work environment, and one that is toxic can be measured by a tool I will introduce to CEO’s that is uniquely tailored to mission offices.   

Marv Newell

Senior Vice President and Missiologist
Missio Nexus

Dr. Marv Newell is Senior Vice President and missiologist at Missio Nexus. Previously he served as a missionary in Papua, Indonesia, as Asia-Pacific Regional Director with TEAM, as professor of Missions and Intercultural Studies at the Moody Theological Seminary, and director of a mission’s association.