Cohorts + Mission Advisors

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Cohorts + Mission Advisors

The Missions Leaders Conference also provides opportunities for shared learning with Cohorts and Mission Advisors.

Opportunities to Meet-and-Greet

Friday 8:45 – 9:45 PM


Cohort, Missio Nexus’ private social network, provides you with a means to connect to colleagues and peers in the Great Commission community. Consider joining us for the opportunity to meet those with whom you’ve had contact via a Missio Nexus Cohort group. For more information on Cohorts »

Mission Advisors

The Mission Advisor team seeks to serve the greater missions community through their focused attention and active service.  Their ongoing ministry is a platform for them to engage, collaborate and champion specific issues among the greater North American missions community. Meet with Missio Nexus Mission Advisors who provide expertise and focused attention to significant issues. For more information on Mission Advisors »