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Missio Nexus represents over 54,000 staff members of organizations, churches, and businesses engaged in catalyzing relationships, ideas, and collaboration within the Great Commission.

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All new members are offered 50% off in their first year.

Missio Nexus is a community made up of ministries. Our members are missionary agencies, churches, businesses, educational institutions, and other ministry entities. We are not designed to be a professional association, which emphasizes individual membership.

While we offer individual membership it is not our intention that this be a substitute for organizational membership. It is for people who are not affiliated with a Great Commission ministry. We are not inclined to offer individual memberships to people who are on staff with a ministry. Sometimes, ministries seek to have just a few people become individual members, in order to get Missio Nexus benefits at a cheaper cost. We reserve the right to refuse membership in this case.

Member ministries must sign our statement of faith and agree to abide by the community standards.

This changes each month, but it is approximately 340 organizations, close to 150 churches, and some hundreds of individuals.

Altogether, we estimate the total staff of our members to be about 54,000 people.

Missio Nexus uses a sliding scale to determine membership pricing for organizations based on the number of people you call staff or members.

If cost is an issue, keeping your organization from joining, please let us know.


Networking opportunities are the primary reason why many organizations like yours are a part of the Missio Nexus community. In addition to relationships, we emphasize shared learning, innovative ideas, joint advocacy and collaborative action.

In the association industry, experts say that people join membership associations most often because of direct benefits they receive on day one. Missio Nexus has a robust set of direct benefits. These are outlined in the enclosed overview. Please take a few moments to look over the many programs and offerings that our community has for you.

Why do people stay members? Because of indirect benefits. These are harder to quantify but often are the difference makers. It could be a new friendship with a peer. It might be an idea that you implement, a partnership that revolutionizes your outcomes or a more informed staff. These benefits are the result of both what you get from the community and what you put in.

Join the community and help us reach finish the goal that Jesus gave us.

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