Announcing the Release of the 2024 Missions Compensation Report

2024 Missions Compensation Report: A Vital Resource for Mission Leaders

We are excited to announce the release of the 2024 Missions Compensation Report, a pivotal resource for mission organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of compensation strategies. Sponsored by Mission:Leadership, this report is a treasure trove of data that is crucial for anyone involved in the mission field.


Mission:Leadership is a faith-based executive recruiting firm focused squarely on serving nonprofit ministries, Kingdom-oriented businesses, churches and academic institutions. Whatever your need, we know great Christian leaders throughout the U.S. and across the globe and how to connect you to them. Learn more at

What’s Inside?

  • Organization Overview: Get a snapshot of the structure and scope of various mission organizations.
  • CEO Compensation: Uncover the latest trends in CEO compensation and how they align with organizational goals.
  • CEO Comparison: Benchmark CEO compensation against similar roles in the sector.
  • Senior Leaders: Explore the compensation patterns for senior leadership positions.
  • Salary Determination: Understand the methodologies used for determining salaries within mission organizations.
  • Contributing Organizations: A detailed list of all participating organizations, providing a broad perspective on the industry.

The report includes data from 109 mission organizations across the United States and Canada, with a detailed regional breakdown that highlights the diversity and uniqueness of each area.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Mission Organization Leaders: CEOs, directors, and senior leaders can benchmark their compensation and make informed decisions.
  • HR Professionals: Gain insights into salary determination methodologies to attract and retain top talent.
  • Financial Advisors: Use the data to advise mission organizations on sustainable compensation strategies.
  • Policy Makers: Understand the compensation landscape to shape policies that support the mission sector.

How Will They Benefit?

  • Strategic Planning: Align compensation strategies with industry standards and organizational goals.
  • Talent Management: Attract and retain leaders by offering competitive and fair compensation.
  • Financial Oversight: Ensure compensation practices are sustainable and justifiable.
  • Policy Development: Create policies that support fair and equitable compensation in the mission sector.

Download the Report

Get your copy today and empower your organization with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in the mission field!

Special Pricing for Missio Nexus Members

Missio Nexus members can access this invaluable resource at a discounted rate of $50 (login to view), while non-members can purchase it for the full price of $150.

Free Copy for Participating Organizations

Participating organizations receive the resource for free. Contact to request a coupon code.

Join us in empowering mission leaders with the tools and knowledge to lead with confidence and clarity!

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