CFO Roundtable: Best Practices

Thursday @ 8:30am

The CFO Roundtable is an opportunity for experienced financial leadership to network, interact, and learn from their peers. This highly interactive forum will equip leaders to discover the answers to the most complicated mission critical issues and empower you to overcome your current or next challenge.

Learning Objectives:

Best of all, you’ll hear war stories, and examples of dos and don’ts —
After attending, you will have an expanded perspective on financial best practices and how to implement these ideas in your work responsibilities.

[CPE 200 MIN – Finance]

Tim Maxwell

VP Operations/CFO
Multiplication Network Ministry

Tim is an experienced international ministry leader who rigorously seeks best practices to expand the Kingdom of God. He brings a wealth of understanding to his role as Vice President of Operations, CFO of Multiplication Network Ministries to develop stronger church and plant more churches. Tim comes to this position with more than 20 years of service with English Language Institute/China, Mission Aviation Fellowship, ECFA, and Bible League International.

Tim was born in West Africa to missionary parents. He has dedicated his life journey to serve the national leaders who don’t have access to the church training, tools and resources which would help them be grounded in the scripture so as to be reproducing Christ-followers. Tim has been in more than 50 countries weaving threads of excellence and accountability into the tapestry of ministry.