Reaching the Foreigner Among Us: Church and Agency Partnering Together - Part 2

Thursday @ 8:30am

God is moving the nations to us. Migration is part of God’s sovereign plan to bring the nations to Himself. Learn how to move your church toward effectively engaging diaspora communities. This conference will challenge paradigms of ministry, suggest ministry pathways and propose ways your church can partner with missions agencies to reach unreached people groups among us.

Talk #3 Engage: Involving Your Church in Ministry to the Foreigner Among Us

This session will cast a vision and give specific practical examples of how churches are engaging the diaspora and help your church develop a plan with specific steps to reach diaspora communities around you.

Jenny Yang

Vice President of Advocacy and Policy
World Relief

Jenny Yang is the Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief where she provides oversight for all advocacy initiatives and policy positions at World Relief, representing the organization’s advocacy priorities to the U.S. government and mobilizing churches on advocacy campaigns. She also served as Director of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief focusing on refugee protection, immigration, and human rights, and as a Senior Case Manager, focused on refugee processing and case management for World Relief’s refugee and immigration programs. Prior to World Relief, she worked at one of the largest political fundraising firms in Maryland managing fundraising and campaigning for local politicians. Jenny has researched refugee and asylum law in Madrid, Spain through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and is on an active deployment roster for UNHCR. She is also former chair of the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) Africa Work Group which brought NGOs and government partners together on the protection of African refugees.

Talk #4 Re-Center: Stretching Your Vision in Diaspora Ministry: What Do You Want to See Happen?

This session will present a new vision for diaspora ministry and will present ways that your church can develop missionary teams, training, and partnerships with missions agencies and other churches to reach the diaspora.

Daniel Cho

International Project (also World Team)

After working as an engineer for 10 years, Daniel Cho and his family moved to NYC to work among the unreached diaspora in New York City. He is now the director of a 10-month missionary training program focusing on reaching the unreached with an emphasis on Church Planting Movements. With over 52 unreached people groups (UPGs) in New York City alone, diaspora ministry here provides strategic opportunities in accomplishing the remaining task of spreading the gospel to all peoples. He and his team also work among international and foreign students to see simple churches planted in NYC and abroad.

Talk #5 Launch: Starting Local to Go Global

This session will describe how working in the local diaspora creates specific pathways for global missions for both local churches and missions agencies.

John Baxter

Director of Diaspora Initiatives (also Nextmove)

John Baxter is the Director of Diaspora Initiatives for Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference, helping missionaries and churches around the world with outreach to unengaged and unreached immigrant people groups. John is a Converge missionary, having served as professor of missions at the Cebu Graduate School of Theology, in Cebu City, Philippines. He is the International Catalyst for the Global Diaspora Network of the Lausanne Movement, and Director of NextMove, a ministry partnership between Converge and Frontier Ventures (formerly US Center for World Mission) which aids mission-sending agencies and denominations in effective engagement with migrating people groups ( He and his wife Jan have planted churches in both the US and the Philippines.

Talk #6 Extend: Growing Your Diaspora Ministry Through Citywide Partnerships

This session will describe how to create a collaborative environment for churches, practitioner communities, and mission agencies to work together to reach local diaspora communities.

Nate Scholz

Hub Community Network

Nate Scholz is the author of Coffee & Orange Blossoms: 7 Years & 15 Days in Tyre, Lebanon. As a leader with the Hub Community Network, NextMove, Refugee Highway Partnership and Vision 5:9 Network, his vision is to see a people movement of workers among both the Muslim Diaspora in North America and Unengaged peoples abroad.

Talk #7 Shift: Embracing the Global South Church in Diaspora Missions

This session will emphasize the priority of the Global South in global diaspora missions, and will speak to the adjustments we need to make in order to partner effectively with Global South churches and mission agencies.

Voltaire Cacal

Senior Director of Global Mobilization and Strategic Initiatives
Camino Global

Serving at Camino Global, Voltaire focuses globally on identifying opportunities, developing partnerships, and directing processes for intercultural/multinational teams to serve together with Spanish speakers in missions. He also serves as the Missions Pastor for Biblical Community Church (Richardson, TX) and as the Vice Chair for the Ethnic America Network. Voltaire is a Generation 1.5 Filipino American who was born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is married to Cristina (a 1st Generation Filipina American). They have three 2nd Generation daughters and currently live in Dallas, Texas. Voltaire is a graduate of Dallas Seminary and California Polytechnic University. He has served in many countries around the world and has been involved with training and evangelism. Along with his ministry experience, he has also worked in the Telecommunications Industry in Engineering, Marketing & Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Market Analysis for companies like AT&T (formerly SBC), Alcatel, and RHK.